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Small Format Scanning

Document sizes of 11 x 17 and under are considered small format. Our small format scanners can scan prepped documents at a speed of 110 pages per minute in B/W and 90 pages per minute in color. Examples:

File Formats
We can save and deliver documents in virtually any file format on request. File size, document type, quality, and document management systems all play a part in determining the most optimal file format. These options are best discussed on a per client basis and samples are always given before a project is started. Our most standard formats are pdf and tiff.

More to Scanning than just scanning
We are experts in scanning documents. That means we understand the process and what it takes to produce the best result and the most efficient cost. Considerations when scanning:

OCR Options:
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the software used to recognize characters / words within a scanned image and create electronic editable files. The main purpose of OCR is to make a scanned document searchable or editable. Northeast Blueprint offers two types of OCR service:

This method makes your PDF documents searchable. Scanned paper documents by their nature, are not editable Ÿ
This is a very cost effective process to search for words within your pdf file.

Editable OCR Ÿ
This method provides you with editable documents Ÿ
Documents can be delivered as plain text, Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, etc. Ÿ
Close to 100% accuracy.

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