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Document Management

Now that all of your documents are scanned, how do you retrieve them? We can help! Based on your retrieval requirements or needs Northeast Blueprint can provide you with your most cost effective solution.

Options we offer:
  1. No solution, (sounds funny but many of our customers just want their documents captured electronically and saved as pdf files named by the document type or number). These customers generally set up a shared drive on their network. They then set up a folder structure similar to how they currently find the paper documents. That’s it, as basic as you can get. But 1,000 times more efficient and the space savings is huge. Many customers begin with this process. True document management systems can always be added later. This step needs to be taken regardless of any other choices.

  2. Excel File Linking, A master Excel Spread sheet is created with variable indexed fields. The find feature can be used to locate a file and a hyper link is applied to view the document. This is used more on small jobs that contain drawings.

  3. SCView (our partnered solution) Combines premium scanning services with true premium document management. Our hosted services utilize the SCView Content Platform to provide scalable solutions.


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